Bilyz Painted Portraits, Cartoons & Caricatures


1949 Began my career in Stuarts, a Belfast Advertising Agency as a runner while

        studying typography in the evenings at Belfast College of Technology.  Joined a

        cinema poster company and spent a year sharpening pencils, mixing paint and

        making tea.


1950 Saw a poster outside a Royal Navy recruiting office depicting a happy looking

        sailor enjoying life in the tropics so I joined the Royal Navy for twelve years.


1964 Left the R.N. to pursue painting in Exeter before going to Finland and spending

        two years at Prof. Tukha's Atelier in Helsinki learning lithography and etching.

        Exhibited drawings & prints at Pinx Gallery, Helsinki.


1968 Travelled to India. Studied Buddhism in a Himalayan temple.


1969  Returned to UK, attended East Ham Poly to build a portfolio as an illustrator.

        Worked in various London studios and agencies: clients included:

        General Electric, Siemens, Yardley Cosmetics, Smedleys Food, before moving

        to Derby where I worked as a freelance graphic designer while teaching graphic

        communication to 3rd year photography students at Trent Poly, Nottingham:

        Clients included: J.C.Bamford, Nationwide Insurance, Reckett & Coleman,

        Rolls Royce, Joko Films.


!972  Moved to Macclesfield, to Omicron Graphics. Worked on variety of accounts

         clients included: ICI, Ferodo, Yates Seeds, Christy Beaufort.


!975  Worked as Design Group Head in Wilsons Advertising Agency, Manchester.

        Clients included: Littlewoods, Whitbread, Co-op Bank, Quick's Motors.


1979 Creative Director, Pace Advertising, Manchester. Clients included: Elf Oil, Silent

        Night beds, Bridgecraft Furniture (Leeds), Bassetts & Barretts.


1982 James Galt Group of Companies: Creative Head of Design, James Galt Group,

        Galt Toys - corporate graphics, packaging, catalogue production advertising

        and publicity.


1990 Retired and travelled to Thailand where I worked freelance as an illustrator &

        a political cartoonist for a northern Thai newspaper.


1997 Returned to UK where I continue to work as a freelance designer while

        developing my digital painting interests.





Bill Watters


Irish born, 03 November 1935



Ballyholme Prep.

Bangor Grammar

HMS Ganges (Naval College)

Plymouth Art College Life drawing

Macclesfield Art College HND Dip.

Open University BA Phil & Humanities